The magic is completely broken when the very magic word “I understand” is not said in the right place, at the right time, with the right tone and feeling. While empathizing, repeating the same feelings and thoughts of the other person to him or saying the same word over and over can cause the listener to say the same things like “parrot.” The process of adapting to each of our customers is critical when communicating the answers to the other party. When we convey sentences in accordance with the tone of voice, speed of speech, and reactions, we begin to catch empathy. When I give a very low response to the person who describes the event he has experienced very excitedly and loudly, the message I gave does not go to the right place. It is necessary to consider them all as a whole.

“Empathy” is important in every aspect of our lives, starting with the call center. If we start to apply this situation in every part of our lives, we will easily apply it in business life.

Because before making suggestions while communicating, let’s find the diagnosis with the right formula. Customer satisfaction and loyalty are inevitable after this point.

As a manager, coaching your agents is no easy task. Each of your representatives needs one-on-one coaching, and you need to uncover and train each of their different talents.

For coaching, first step is to identify your client’s goals. Here’s what you need to know to coach your team:

For example, the goal for sports coaches is the championship. For you and your team, the goal should be to deliver an excellent customer experience. Your job is harder than any sports team. They are playing a full season and a loss or two is acceptable here.

Every day is a new season for you and your crop. You can’t take too many losses. Every customer deserves the absolute best, and when your team doesn’t represent you well, it affects not just a single agent in the call center but the group members first and then the entire company.

As A Manager, To Improve Your Team's Performance In On-To-One Training You Should Do:

While you follow these call center productivity tips to improve performance, remember that your call center is not a machine. Your goal shouldn’t just be to handle most tickets as quickly as far as.

Create a balance with your coaching work independently but still learn from experience. Know when your reps need a break to breathe. Use agents and automation together to find a balance to improve customer experience and productivity in your call center.

The ability to empathize and problem solve for your employees is inimitable. Nothing can replace the humanity of your Client Representatives.

Let’s multiply, add, subtract and agree on empathy with our customer for the new formula. Let’s be good to both ourselves and the voice on the other end of the phone!

Because before making suggestions while communicating, let’s find the diagnosis with the right formula. Customer satisfaction and loyalty are inevitable after this point.

The main things you need to talk to your customer representatives one-on-one

*The problem has been identified. It shouldn’t be the only issue you deal with each other.

* Making a few compliments for the customer representative is a good source of motivation. No one wants to hear what they’ve done wrong; it’s frustrating. Always offer constructive feedback and praise.

*Create a support plan;

1-Once you identify the problem, you can help your agents how to take action.

2 – To increase the efficiency of an agent who has trouble connecting with customers, rushing customers on the phone, you can emphasize quality measures so that agents feel safe and comfortable and help them solve customers’ problems.

For The Development Of Your Customer Representatives:

• Make job updates. Describe how the company as a whole work.

• Inform your representatives about the management and operating structure of the company.

• Update teams and talk about how the team is performing. Work on improvement.

• Make promises to your Account Representatives and allow them to explain or ask questions. This is their time, allowing them to speak freely.

Answered calls; As soon as the customer representative who meets the customer’s call listens and analyzes the issue well, and understands that it is the party that is not related to this issue, the authorized unit should receive permission to make the customer wait for a short time, explain the necessary information to the person in the relevant department and call routing the customer’s call. This is an empathy rule that should be emphasized very seriously in the way of behavior because no one wants to get tired and spend a long time on the phone by telling more than one person about their distress when the call routing to the wrong department.

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