A customer experience survey is done to find out the opinions of customers about the call center. With the survey, each customer shares their ideas and thoughts; the call center also can improve their services with these ideas.

The customer experience survey is a general evaluation application. In surveys, customers are asked questions about different topics. These questions can be open-ended or consist of yes/no/agree or disagree answers.

In some surveys, we may come across sentences expressing satisfaction in general instead of questions. Each of the questions and expressions indicating satisfaction in the surveys measures and evaluates the customer experience.

Why Is It Needed? What Is Its Purpose?

The primary purpose of the customer experience survey is to receive feedback. With the customer experience survey, call centers seek an answer to how happy their customers are with their services and services.

The reason why a call center wants to receive feedback is as follows:

1. Aiming for a good customer experience

2. Getting ahead of competitors

3. Analyzing success and satisfaction

According to research, more than 70% of companies that offer the best customer experience give importance to customer feedback.

Considering that every call center takes sensitive steps to create a customer experience, we will once again witness how important feedback is.

We can express why a call center needs a customer experience survey as follows:

• Keeping the customer experience at the highest level

• Increasing customer loyalty

• Directing customers to purchase

• Measuring customer behavior

• Being a famous company

If you are a call center owner, you must be wondering what your customers think when they use your products and services. Then, with a customer satisfaction survey, you can find out what the people who prefer you think and remove the question marks in your mind.

Technology is one of the factors that increase the needs of call centers for customer satisfaction. Due to the advancement of technology, everyone can reach different companies to meet their needs.

The increase in rate is related to the quality of the work done. Every call center claims that its work is of high quality. However, the increase in the number of companies and the ease of access to companies do not indicate that the service and quality of service have increased.

So, is the work done high quality? One of the best ways to understand this is a customer satisfaction survey.

How Should A Good Customer Satisfaction Survey Be?

Companies that want to create a good customer satisfaction survey should first give a correct answer to the following questions:

• What Do I Need?

• What Do I Want to Learn?

• What should I focus on?

Call Centers that answer these questions correctly can create a good customer satisfaction survey. So, how should the customer survey be? Let’s examine the details!

How Should It Be Constructed?

A customer satisfaction survey is done to learn the opinions of users. However, it must be constructed with a certain technique. A certain method should be followed rather than random questions. The first step in following a certain method is:

At the planning stage, it is necessary to pay attention to the basis on which the questions will be based. The planning process is built around the question: What do customers think of my call center? With the questions asked in the survey, call centers can determine what their customers think and easily reach the subjects they want to learn.

Who is the Target Audience?
One of the most important issues when constructing a survey is the selection of the target audience. It is really important for the survey creation process. Call centers should ask more specific questions to the right audience. Thus, you can get more efficient results.

Optional Questions
One of the most important features that make the customer satisfaction survey efficient is the survey questions. Question patterns encourage or remove customers from completing surveys.

In this respect, the questions should be prepared interestingly. Research shows that participation in surveys consisting of open-ended questions is low. In this respect, since the optional questions always increase the percentage of participation in the survey, giving the options “yes-no” or “I agree, I do not agree” will make the survey more effective.

Focus on Purpose
Finally, it is necessary to never deviate from the purpose while constructing the customer satisfaction survey. Having irrelevant questions in a customer satisfaction survey can distract customers. Every survey should aim to learn customer opinions by asking short and clear questions.