The centers have the potential to deliver an impressive return on investment. This is if they are supported by call center optimization strategies that help improve efficiency and increase productivity while also improving the customer experience.

Where to start? You can start by tapping into one of your call center’s richest resources: the ever-growing volume of rich call data. With call center predictive analytics tools, you can automatically analyze this data to gain insights that will enable you to create and deploy effective call center improvement strategies.

The number of personnel working in a call center varies according to the size and nature of the company. For example, a Fortune 100 company might have 25,000 to 40,000 customer service representatives working in multiple call centers. These agents are expected to handle 50 or more calls per day, with an average call time of four minutes.

That’s a lot of search time. And these interactions generate vast amounts of valuable data on call center efficiency, from average call time to pick up times. Most call center operators collect, and store said data. But often, they’re only scratching the surface of what they can do with it before they review the data.

They can use call data to count the number of calls received, aggregate demographic information, and measure key performance indicators (KPIs) for a call center or a specific department within it. Some may even analyze call data to monitor quality control and then use the findings to train agents. But most of the time, that’s where they go.

Suppose you don’t dig deep into call data. In that case, your business is missing out on a tremendous opportunity to create data-driven call center improvement strategies that can improve call center performance. Invoca’s AI-powered Active Speech Intelligence solutions are among them. There’s also a new set of technology stack tools built on advances in artificial intelligence (AI) that open the door to learning more about call center operations and paving the way for efficiencies and potential cost reductions.

Predictive Analytics Can Offer Fast Ways To Reduce Call Center Costs

With Invoca’s AI call center tech, you can uncover previously alien inefficiencies in your call center operations. For instance, with a simple, predictive analysis of call volume trends, you can instantly understand ​​what times of the day your call center requires maximum staff and when you need fewer agents, and all of these elements will comply with a good sales strategy and marketing plan.

The same is true for days of the week (e.g., Do we need more or less staff at the call center on Fridays when weekly employees are paid?) and public holidays (e.g., 4th of July or Christmas Day?). Such predictive analysis of call data can help call center managers optimize staffing and payroll to save costs.

More strategic staffing strategies for the call center are just one way to increase productivity. Efficiently routing calls to reduce transfer rates keeps agents in touch with customers on the phone and reduces their time to answer calls. An independent research report shows that Invoca can reduce transfer rates by 90%.

Improving agent performance through targeted coaching is another. And Invoca’s Active Conversation Intelligence platform can be an essential tool for identifying specific areas where individual team members can improve their skills.

A favorable customer service experience makes ninety-one percent of customers more likely to make another purchase. Customers might have a negative experience with your organization if they are kept on hold for an extended period of time, have to explain an issue to many agents, and are dissatisfied with the result.

Call center analytics gives service teams authorization to access the critical data and insights they need to work faster, be more innovative, and improve customer relationships. You may take action to address issues at your call center after you understand when and if they arise. For example, if you can monitor your call traffic data by hour, you may take action to ensure you have adequate personnel levels during peak periods to reduce or even eliminate client hold time.

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