Quality Management Systems Scope Statement

An Integrated Management System in accordance with CeyBer Quality Management System Standards aims to define its scope, boundaries, organizational goals, Critical Services, Organizational Structure and QMS needs of interested parties and legal obligations, taking into account and ensure the continuity of the management system by constantly improving it. It is also aimed to meet the needs and expectations of the employer/customer, to meet the legal requirements and requirements, to improve the performance of the quality goals and to achieve the goals. It is aimed to specify internal and external issues within the scope of the Quality Management System, to express compliance with laws and regulations.

“Call center services” within the scope of our Integrated Quality Management System, Information Security, Business Continuity, health and safety and environmental management systems in operation and covers the physical requirements of all departments within CeyBer.

As a call center, all occupational safety measures are taken in our sector, which is in the “dangerous” group.

A waste management policy is implemented within the scope of Environmental Management, and as a call center, we do not create “hazardous waste”.