We Design Happy Customer Experiences With Our Solutions


Inbound & Outbound

All requests for products and services are met by our contact center 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Aiming to provide satisfaction among our business partners and customers, we offer the most effective solutions for needs and expectations.

24/7 Customer Contact Center Support

• Customer advisory information system
• Customer request / complaint management
• Order Management
• 100% customer satisfaction and happy customer experience target

Efficiency Increasement with Detailed Reporting and Analysis

• Digital solutions and effective use of technology
• Customer data protected by security solutions

Multiple Language Support

Our team provides services in different languages including English, Russian, German, French and Spanish.


Back Office

Requests and complaints that are not resolved at the first contact with the contact center are resolved by the back-office. Return processes are managed effectively and quickly by our competent staff. Many services such as resolving requests and complaints, data entry and order management are carried out within the scope of back office services.

24/7 Customer Contact Center Support

• Request and Complaint Management
• Order Management
• Membership Transactions
• After Sale Support
• Fraud Transaction Management
• Data Entry and Verification



Instant and fast feedback is provided to your customers through messaging channels on requests, complaints and information management. Our experienced teams work with the goal of 100% customer satisfaction by providing a professional service.

24/7 Instant Customer Support

• Multiple language option
• Customer request / complaint management
• Customer loyalty management

Efficiency Increasement with Artificial Intelligence and Automations

• Technology supported service

Daily / Hourly Reports

• Channel Management
• Productivity Increase


CRM Management

Thanks to the cloud-based Customer Relationship Management platform​, requests from all support channels​ are easily managed on a single platform.​
CRM is the most effective tool to efficiently manage your potential and existing customers. We can instantly set up a system specific to your company’s needs and workflows.

Omnichannel Customer Support System

• Cloud Call Center
• Automations
• Collaboration Among Teams

Ticket Management System

• Email Management & Templates
• Customized Experience
• Teams

Detailed KPI Tracking & Reporting

• Inter-channel interaction
• Productivity increasement
• Trend Reports


Sales and Marketing Management

We provide services in our contact center in many areas such as customer acquisition, sales, product or service marketing by our experienced and highly trained sales specialists. We offer solutions in line with your corporate strategy, thanks to personalized outgoing call channel management. We support you to achieve the best results by growing your brand together.

High Performance Sales Target

•Tele-marketing & Tele-sales

Collections Management

•Payment Tracking
•Collection Process Management

Customer Loyalty Management

• Winback Calls
• Survey and Research

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