Information Security Management System Policy

During our activities at ceyber, it is our primary goal to ensure the confidence of the institutions and organizations we serve, our employees and suppliers, and to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and accessibility qualities of our information assets that we use for the services we provide and to ensure the security.

For this purpose, by our senior management,

• Maintain ISO 27001 Quality Management System and continuously improve its effectiveness,

• Constantly review our risks and implement controls for risks above the acceptable level,

•To carry out awareness trainings to keep our employees ‘ awareness of Information Security high,

•Communicate information and obligations about information security of our interested parties on internal and external issues,

•Ensuring uninterrupted continuation of our activities,

•Fully comply with the laws and regulations of the Turkish Republic and ensure the confidentiality of personal data,

We are committed to providing the necessary resources for the implementation, continuity and continuous improvement of Information Security Studies in order to systematically manage them.