Clean Table Clean Screen Policy

1- Purpose

Eliminate the risks that employees may face as a result of unauthorized access or improper use of information shared to them in accordance with their duties during or outside working hours.

2- Scope

Desks, displays, printers, printed documents, documents, records.

3- Responsible:

All employees and all managers are responsible for ensuring that employees comply with this policy.

4- Application:

  • Computers must be turned off after working hours. If you leave the computer during working hours, the computer must be left locked (encrypted). Documents containing personal information and confidential information (even if they are written) should not be left on the printers.
  • Computer passwords should not be shared outside of computing personnel. Passwords should certainly not be left written on paper. Documents belonging to the company, institution or personal information should not be left on the work desk at the end of overtime, in secure environments (steel safe, locked drawer, etc.) must be stored.
  • Secret, Top Secret, etc. documents that fall into the critical information class must be destroyed in accordance with the PR.KY.02 BGYS and records control procedure. Documents containing critical information belonging to the company should not be stored on computer desks and work desks.
  • Printed information that has expired, which has been decided that it is no longer needed, must be torn and destroyed so that it is not read with the approval of its authority. Devices used in all types of communication (telephone, fax, copy machines) should not be left to unauthorized access. Documents and documents should not be left on the devices.