Business Continuity Policy

During our activities in CeyBer, it is our primary goal to ensure the trust of our employees and suppliers, the organizations to which we are connected and serve, and to ensure the effective and uninterrupted maintenance of the services we provide. We undertake to provide the necessary resources for continuous continuity, continuous improvement and systematic management of our services by our senior management and to implement the following principles.

  • Available to you regarding any of our services, and to correctly identify and manage future threats,
  • Disaster/Crisis/Incident quickly and accurately assess the dimensions and ensure that necessary actions are taken quickly with safety as the first priority to be
  • Business continuity our capacity to continuously improve and develop in accordance with the international standard ISO 22301
  • Business impact analysis to identify and manage current and future threats on which was correctly determined by them, responsiveness, and decision points to be agile, 
  • Business continuity plans, regular training, awareness exercises, and testing/exercises to improve customer expectations, taking into account legal obligations and company policies; Operations, Information Systems, finance, human resources and provide critical services to our other units in a short period of time at a level that can accept make it more functional, 
  • Manage internal and external communications on business continuity issues · manage risks that could cause the loss of the company’s reputation and developments.